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Step into a world of comprehensive IT solutions tailored to your unique needs. Our services, available on a contract or as-needed basis, are designed to empower your business and equip you with the tools you need to succeed. More than just a list of offerings; they’re a commitment to quality, a dedication to innovation, and a promise of reliability.

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Software Development

At the heart of our services is custom programming. Our team of seasoned developers brings a wealth of experience in both Microsoft and Linux environments, spanning various settings from desktop to server to embedded systems. But we don’t just offer expertise; we offer a partnership, working with you to create software solutions that truly meet your needs.

  • Front-end and Back-end Programming: We build robust, scalable, and efficient applications that drive your business forward. Ready to bring your ideas to life? Let’s start coding.
  • Database Management: From MySQL and PostgreSQL to Oracle, SQL Server, and SQLite, we handle a wide range of databases, ensuring your data is always secure, accessible, and optimized. Ready to harness the power of your data? Let’s manage.
  • Programming: Our team is proficient in mainstream languages such as Python, PHP, .net, and more. Whatever your programming needs, we’ve got you covered. Ready to create? Let’s program.
  • REST & SOAP APIs: We build APIs that allow your software to interact seamlessly with other applications, improving functionality and user experience. Ready to connect? Let’s integrate.
  • Scripting: From Bash to PowerShell, our scripting services automate repetitive tasks, enhance performance, and streamline your IT processes. Ready to automate? Let’s script.

Web Development

We design websites and intranets, for example, based on the LAMP stack (Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP) or Python with Flask or FastAPI, combined with web server software such as Apache or NGINX. Ready for a fresh and responsive web presence? Let’s design.

System Administration and Network Maintenance

Are you having trouble with your computer systems and need qualified personnel to take care of them? Or do you simply need a watchful and expert eye to ensure your systems always remain healthy and available? Ready for peace of mind with your IT systems? Let’s secure.

Technology Assessment Services

Unsure about which tools are right for you or what IT strategy to pursue to help your business grow? We conduct market research and perform technical evaluations of software and hardware products to determine the best IT solutions for your company. Ready to discover the best IT strategy for your business? Let’s strategize.

Embedded Development and IoT

We design autonomous software solutions for embedded devices on COTS or ruggedized hardware for mission-critical applications. Ready to leverage the power of embedded development? Let’s innovate.

Infrastructure Monitoring Services

Visibility is key to maintaining a healthy infrastructure. We leverage mature software solutions such as Prometheus, Loki, Promtail, Grafana, the ELK stack (Elastic Search/Logstash/Kibana) or Fluentd to monitor systems and bring visibility into your infrastructure. Ready to gain insights into your infrastructure? Let’s monitor.

Security Services and Penetration Testing

We understand the importance of security in today’s digital landscape. That’s why we offer comprehensive security services, including network audits to find and remedy flaws before they can be exploited to your disadvantage. Ready to secure your network? Let’s fortify.

Domain Name Services

Our services include consolidated portfolio management, brand monitoring services (detection of typos and lookalike domain names, recovery, drop catching services). Ready to protect your brand online? Let’s safeguard.

Brand Monitoring Services

Using various techniques (zone files, certificate transparency logs, web crawling and proprietary methods), our systems proactively scan the Internet to detect potential infringements of your brand or trademarks. Ready to protect your brand? Let’s monitor.

Threat Intelligence Services

Our in-house monitoring platform scans the Internet and darknet realms (Tor, I2P) or designated sources, based on keywords or patterns of interest. Ready to stay ahead of threats? Let’s watch.

Internet Intelligence

Our systems probe the global Internet for open ports, running services and software versions in order to gain a better understanding of the Internet landscape. Ready to gain insights into the Internet landscape? Let’s explore.

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